Employed lawyer

Mrs. Fichter, LL.M. joined our team in november 2020. Her main areas of focus are labour law and family law.

Mrs. Fichter speaks spanish fluently and has already practiced as a lawyer in law firms in Germany and Spain. She additonally earned the spanish academic title „Licenciada en Derecho“.

Regarding labour law matters Mrs. Fichter is the right contact when it comes all areas of individual employment law. She is especially equipped for advising you concerning all questions about pay scale grouping of employees (Eingruppierung). She is also available for reviewing work contracts, termination agreements or claims regarding vaction entitlement/vacation allowance and warnings (Abmahnungen).

Mrs. Fichter will advise and defend you proficently in all matter all other areas of individual employment law s related to family law. She is experienced and expanded her expertise through specialist legal training courses which she completed successfully. Mrs. Fichter will advise and defend you need-orientied especially when it comes to separations and divorces

Mandates in civil law matters are processed on a case-by-case basis and after prior discussion.